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allclocks“Our custom synchronized clock system improves the productivity of every school, university and business by getting everyone on the same time all the time.”

Our Wireless Synchronized Clock System is simple, accurate, and keeps all of your clocks displaying the same time all the time. The clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time, you will never need a ladder to take a clock down to make adjustments. We offer analog, digital, and LCD clocks. In addition to a wide selection of clocks you have your choice of electric or battery operated. The battery operated clocks have a 4 year battery life.

Our Master Clock is custom to be an institution’s landmark. Consider the option of having one of our affordable landmark synchronized clocks to be displayed in the front office or main entrance ways.

Customers purchase our Wireless Synchronized Clock System for the following reasons:

  • Reduce conflicts resulting from different clocks displaying different time
  • Two year warranty
  • Excellent pricing
  • Maintenance free clock system
  • Higher productivity
  • Better run meetings
  • Affordable custom landmark clocks