Digital Display Boards

Admoveo Solutions is an industry leading provider of key components, such as Digital DisplayBoards for a critical or emergency communications platform. Our selection of LED Digital Message boards provides an organization with many options.

When designing a critical communications platform the three key components are audibility, visualization and simplicity. A superior designed platform certainly would allow the communication to be used for everyday operational communications.

The solutions we provide strike the balance with your budgets and objectives, giving you affordable reliable options for your school message boards or classroom message boards. View our Public Address products for additional communication needs.

Power over Ethernet LED Displays

With one Ethernet cable we can control, execute messaging and provide electrical power to a complete line of communication products. Power over Ethernet is a IEEE Engineering standard that permits low voltage power to run alongside of data in one category five or six Ethernet cable.

This digital display has the technology that allows you to minimize system installation cost and complexities. Allowing both electrical power and data within one cable jacket there is no need to spend precious dollars to have electrical circuits installed.

Network installations are easier and faster which allow for the option of in house installation without advanced knowledge or skill set. We can provide a complete turnkey installations or assist in ensuring your installation goes without a hitch. Visit our Digital Signage page to see more digital display options.


Power Backup for Critical Communication Systems

A PoE infrastructure enables centralized power management for critical communications network devices. A PoE Switch is the central element for PoE network devices. It is very easy to calculate the power consumption of your switches and determine the uptime after a main power failure occurs. Basically, its a determination of the power draw of the PoE Switches and the size of the batteries used to provide the secondary power, how long your network devices operate during a power outage. This will determine what type of battery backup system is required.Typically the battery backup units are off-the-shelf type units.

Five Key Factors for Critical Communication Devices

There are 5 key factors when selecting the appropriate device of your platform; Network, Audio, Display, Time and Peripherals.

Network is basically if the device works on standard PoE or PoE+. The industry has evolved to PoE+. This provided more electrical power to the network device. We always recommend that if purchasing a PoE switch is that you purchase a IEEE 802.3at device. This is the PoE+ official standard.

The Audio Communication factor is a determination regarding the integration with your VOIP phone system. The device will need to work with your VOIP phone system and will the audio be two-way such as an intercom system. Additionally the audio communications need to take place outdoor and well as indoor.

Display is concern with the color of the LEDs, the size of device and whether it will be static presentation or rolling. We have many different digital display units to ensure that the correct one is provide for the area it will cover.

Time is something every message board should provide as a default. All the end point devices we provide will pull the time from the computer network, ( NTP ) and display this time accurately.

Peripherals is defined to the other elements which need to be integrated into the system. This could include additional speakers, sensors, and wireless microphones.