Manufacturing Alert Bell Buzzer Systems

The ability to schedule Alerts and have them sound off on scheduled times is what we do from the factory floor to the warehouse.

We offer the ability to control physical bells, buzzers or any type of sounding device for your alert systems. Additionally, we have speaker tone systems that provide for a number of exciting options.

Speaker Tone System

If you are in need to have tones, music or prerecorded messages played at a scheduled time over speakers. We have a solution for you.

We can provide with a IP – PoE network speakers that allows you to use your existing Ethernet network. Audio does not use a lot of network bandwidth and can be controlled from multiple PCs on a network.

We also have a Wi-Fi speaker system that operates on your wireless computer system. It also can be controlled by any authorized PC.

Please call us at 800-964-5749 or email us and we will quickly provide you a number of options and affordable pricing.

Physical Bell Alert System

We offer a Wireless Solution as well. This system receives its time from a time transmitter operating on a licensed UHF 467 frequency. The system allows you to connect physical bells to a controller. The controller will receive GPS accurate time from the transmitter and turn the physical bells on and off at the scheduled time, getting the factory bells running on the factory schedule.

We also offer a network based controller. The network bell controller is connected to your network with an Ethernet cable to receive its time and control from the bell controller software. The physical buzzers are wired to the controller.

Both systems are easy to install and are maintenance free. Additionally you can add with Wifi Clocks or Ethernet Network clocks to provide your facility with complete bell and clock synchronization.

The IP – PoE speaker system is a complete system offering a choice of end point devices: speakers, panic buttons, LED Digital Clocks, Analog Clocks and a Bell Controller.

Let our expertise and knowledge put the best solution in place at your facility.