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Solar Golf Course Post Clocks

We unite golf operations from the practice facility to the 1st Tee with a Beautiful Solar Post Clock. Timeless, Elegant Solar Clocks using advanced Solar Technology & GPS Accurate Time blended into a nostalgic old world time piece that enhances the beauty of your golf club.

They are engineered to work with minimal sunlight and can be found at prestigious golf clubs throughout the United States, from California to Connecticut, from Michigan to Texas, performing flawlessly.

Customized to each golf course, golf club, and country club and over time become a landmark for years to come.

The Beauty of Custom Solar Clocks

The beauty of a solar power is that no electricity what so ever is needed. This eliminates the need for a back hoe to trench the ground in order to lay conduit and electrical cables. All the power that is needed is delivered by the sun.

The solar clock movement is truly a piece of engineering marvel. They only take milliamps to operate. The power consumption is very small. Additionally it has an excellent battery system that allows it to store power so extended days of sun isolation are not an issue.

The engineering did not stop at the movement. The time accuracy is impeccable, it receives an update from GPS satellites once a day, therefore ensuring reliable time day in and day out 365 days a year. Additionally, it will automatically adjust for daylight saving time precisely at 2AM.

“Just wanted to let you know that we installed the clock today at the club and it’s just fantastic, it’s beyond what I thought it would be. Thank you very much, you guys were wonderful and I couldn’t say anything there’s not a blemish as far as dealing with you that I could come up with. Thank you very much for all your help and for getting it here on time as well.”

Norbeck Country Club – Rockville, MD

Golf Course Clock Placement

The advanced solar technology and engineering has enabled us to produce a clock movement that can virtually be placed anywhere. Minimal sunlight is needed for the movement to operate.

Place your clock at the optimal location without the worry of being tethered to electricity.

The housing and structure is machined in Pittsburgh, PA and is made of powder coated cast aluminum, making it completely rust proof.

Each nameplate is custom hand painted to the customers’ specifications.

We are fortunate to have customers who are using, enjoying and benefiting from these clocks, to view some of our customer testimonials Click Here (link to customers page)

Simple Installation: The cost and hassle of digging up the grounds, installing electrical lines/infrastructure and a recurring monthly electric bill are eliminated with solar power.

Maintenance Free Functionality: Our solar clock movement is a maintenance free device receiving GPS time updates daily and automatically adjusting for daylight saving time.

“We wanted to do something special in memory our dear friend who had passed. We had a Chomko LA solar clock installed at Gambler Ridge GC by the club house. The clock is a touching remembrance enjoyed by all the golfers. Everyone we had contact with made us feel so at ease with the whole process.”

Gambler Ridge Golf Club – Cream Ridge, NJ

Memorial Clocks

When a golf club loses a member that has left a positive impact on the golf club a Memorial Clock may be one of the best ways to honor his or her memory. Many of our customers have chosen to do this in a number of ways. Our project managers will work with you to honor your friend.

Bentwater Yacht & CC in Montgomery, TX had a beautiful granite mount with a memorial plaque at the entrance way to their club. It was an excellent location for a clock so we designed the custom clock head for them. We met the course’s specifications and mounted the clock head on the granite and it resulted in an exquisite custom landmark.

We can Build Your Clock

The latest design is the glass frame structure. This idea was brought to us from one of our customers looking for a design with a more contemporary look as opposed to classic nostalgic post clocks. Pictured is a 9ft high glass structure with a stainless steel clock head mounted on top. The outer rim is customizable and can be any one of our 14 powder coated finishes. Do you have a design idea you would like to explore? Call us TODAY 800-964-5749.