School PA System

A school PA speaker system is critical for the day-to-day operational aspects of the school day and it is absolutely critical for any type of effective emergency communication plan.

Our Wi-Fi intercom paging system is an excellent method to incorporate a robust speaker system into your organization using your existing Wi-Fi network. The speakers we use for the Wi-Fi system are the high fidelity SONOS smart speakers.

We offer a small, medium and large style speaker. We can assist in selecting the most appropriate speakers for your organization. The speaker volume can be controlled via the software or they can be controlled manually at the speaker level.

We also offer intercom units and speakers with talkback capability that operates on Power over Ethernet, (POE) in Atlanta. These units do not require electrical power to be located where you will place the IP paging speaker. It is a great advantage of the POE technology.

The Ethernet Switch provides the power. It makes installation very simple and allows you to secure the most optimal location for your speaker or intercom unit.

School Intercom System

School Intercom Systems enable quick and accurate communication between administration and individual classrooms. SIP enabled speakers in conjunctions with VOIP telephone systems can provide for complete unification of communications.

We offer a large variety of intercom communication solutions depending on what you are currently doing and what you want to do further. This can include integrating an existing VOIP phone systems.

IP Speakers with embedded SIP technology enable the modern telephone system to communicate with speakers

The speaker is considered as an extension of the PBX. Typically an organization will use a “call all” extension that would make a broadcast from a telephone to all speakers in Atlanta.

Designing an IP speaker for your organization is quite simple. It requires us to understand what you currently have and what we can redeploy.

Do you need speakers with the talkback facility or do you already have telephone facility available to be used for talkback capability? Do you want the facility in your telephone system to call all of the speakers?

Informacast School Speakers

It is difficult to ignore how unpredictable the world can feel the moment you send your child to school for the first time. Schools are sites for learning, adventure, and bonds to be made, but any time human beings congregate in mass numbers, the chances of an unfavorable scenario increases. It is for reasons like this, and many less tension-baring causes, that Informacast IP School Speakers exist.

The Informacast speaker system is a comprehensive, deeply reliable ecosystem of paging and receiving devices, designed to deliver the most routine school bell chime or the most urgent, unique warning. Informacast has teamed with Cisco phones for many successful years now to create one of the fastest and most wide-reaching notification systems around, and when it comes to our schoolchildren, the chances we take on their safety should not take second-thought.

School speakers have myriad purposes to exist, the most common of which may be morning announcement and bells that signify the changing of classes throughout the school day. With crystal clear, premium phone-quality audio, indoor and outdoor speakers can not only deliver spoken word precisely, but foster a community of understanding and synchronicity in its goals and school spirit.

The announcement of pep rallies, state championships won, or mathletes triumphing will ring clearly through your halls either via ad hoc, rehearsed audio messages or spontaneous announcement. Furthermore, with the advanced informacast paging gateway, key leaders in the school can create an announcement via their synchronized cell phones all the way from the football field, for example, making communication more accessible and flexible than ever.

And though we hope you never have the need for it, the flexibility of Informacast’s speaker systems is unrivaled for emergency situations like inclement weather, intruders, or even shootings. It is common knowledge in America that over half of all “mass” shootings occur in commerce or scholastic settings, and generally in less than 5 minutes.

The ability of one teacher on one end of campus to send a notification discretely from their desk or cell phone could make the difference between an entire campuses’ safety or not. Likewise, depending on the state or country that you live in, whether you’re in tornado alley or along the east coast awaiting hurricane season, IP network speakers will never fail to spread a message of taking shelter with incredible speed. With informacast’s speaker configuration in place, triggers can be sent from a computer, designated-button, phone, etc.; in other words, it is much more likely that 100% of the intended people to be reached will receive the message.

Furthermore, Informacast designs message-baring technology fit for almost any physical disability. Between the active message boards, bright flashing lights, IP speakers/intercom systems, and alarms, again, the chances are tenfold that every one, even those physically disabled, will be able to decipher the issue and make their way to safety. Schools are designed to give equal opportunity to any kind of student, shouldn’t your communication system do the same?

In summary, children and adults alike rely on their school or university systems to keep them safe. Communication is perhaps the most indispensable mechanism we have to increase the chances that we protect our own, fostering a community of inclusion and opportunity to succeed in the long run. When looking into a, IP speaker system for your school, consider just how quickly, efficiently, and reliably you’d like reach every single person you have implicitly agreed to take the very best care of.

Informacast Speaker Intercom

The invention of paging revolutionized the speed of communication, especially in business and professional worlds, but today paging has been taken to the next level with Informacast’s IP paging and speaker systems. It wasn’t long ago when the only way to send a message out was to speak into stationary equipment—one location—from which the message would broadcast.

With how quickly news travels today, it is time also for a system as fast and accessible as the news that comes in, which is why Informacast has developed the technology for mobile paging that can be sent and received from virtually anywhere. Delivering these technological capabilities to over 50 countries, Informacast offers unrivaled efficiency and excellence based on the following features.

One distinct feature we are excited to offer is SIP capability to broadcast any desired message through prior-synchronized, personal cell phones to the entire Informacast speaker configuration. This means that whether you’re on a school campus, medical, or other professional building, regardless of the floor a key personnel is on, they can decide to send a message with zero delay to the entire infrastructure if necessary.

Clearly, in emergency situations including inclement weather, intruders, or work-related hazard, having everyone’s ears at the click of button through wireless ceiling speakers could not be more invaluable. Furthermore, The IP Paging Zone Controller with InformaCast® can be purchased as a single channel or 2-channel box; the 2-channel option is capable of making different announcements simultaneously, spanning varied zones or levels of your intended infrastructure. In an urgent case, would you risk any other technology?

SingleWire’s paging system reliably delivers IP audio in real time, unless of course you have elected to record, rehearse, or script your audio message. With this paging system, personnel can even record audio live, but hold off sending until a message is deemed broadcast-ready. On the other hand, messages or bells that need to be recorded or delivered routinely can easily be programmed into your Informacast IP speaker system as well so that no further thought has to be given to important daily cues.

SingleWire’s partnership with Cisco phones magnifies the ease and freedom you can experience with our paging tech as well. With push-to-talk functionality and hands-free, 2-way intercom capability, speaking in conferences, or across halls, even nations, has never been so effortless. Dialstreamer technology on Cisco phones also allows for dialing into or streaming important announcements.

This revolutionary technology can be organized so that if your office space is noisy or hectic and a message needs to be heard, one merely needs to dial in to an announcement line. The possibilities of dialing extend to hearing music, listening for weather announcements, or any other mass notifications.

These are just some of the features we offer via our wireless paging technology—please inquire further or glance at our speaker systems to see how everything links up to form an unrivaled efficient communicative ecosystem.

Loudspeaker Systems

Loudspeaker systems typically include indoor and outdoor facilities. IP speakers can be used for both indoor and outdoor speakers. Horn speakers are the preferred outdoor speakers because they are engineered for their broadcast to cover a large area.

The ability to easily group or zone speakers provide for your broadcast only to be projected at the area you want to receive the coverage.

Emergency Outdoor Speakers are use for campuses or large gathering areas where the need for mass notification is the key. Audio mass notification communication systems provide the most effective form of communication. The people that are affected by an emergency crave information. They need guidance on what steps to take. We have a number of options to provide the perfect solution for your organization.

We are available here to answer your questions via email or over the telephone to make sure that you get the most cost effective IP public address speaker system. Help us help you by calling 800-964-5749.