Wireless Clocks

Wireless synchronized clocks allow organizations to have all their clocks display the same time all the time. They automatically adjust for daylight savings time and receive an accurate time update on a daily basis.


How Wireless Clocks Work

A synchronized wireless clock is the number one master clock system sold today. The reason is that wireless clock systems are not difficult to install, maintenance free, highly reliable and very accurate.

The central component of a wireless system is the transmitter. The radio transmitter will broadcast the time throughout your facilities. Your wireless clocks will pick up the broadcast on a daily basis.

The time that is broadcasted by the transmitter can be either GPS accurate time or NTP accurate time. Both methods are simple to setup. The GPS time is automatically received from a supplied GPS receiver. The GPS receiver will take accurate time from GPS satellites and deliver it to the transmitter.

NTP as a time source will pull the time from the network. In this case we use a NTP receiver that connect to your Ethernet.

There is no programming involved with our system. It is plug and play technology.

Analog Clocks

Analog-School-ClockWe have a great selection of analog timepieces. Ranging from 13” to 24”. We offer a solar outdoor clock for outdoor applications. The indoor analog clocks are either battery powered or electric powered.

You have the capabilities to customize the dial face. This is an nice inexpensive way to bring the pride of an organization and personalize the analog wall timepiece.

We also offer dual sided analogs for the hallway so that the time can be seen from both ends of the hallway.

School Clocks

Synchronized Wireless Time Systems are the number one system for K-12 Schools. The reason is the simple installation and maintenance free longevity. A number of schools have older faulty wired systems.

Wired systems were the number #1 system installed in schools for many years. When wireless systems were perfected they gradually took over because of their simple installation. Wireless eliminated the need to pull cables and provided for a five year battery life.

We also offer IP and WiFi clocks for schools, as well as several school communication options.


Digital Clocks

LED or LCD Digital clocks are also available for a wireless installation. The LED Digital versions require electricity to operate, whereas the LCD Digital models operate on batteries.

We offer many different styles to fit the door of your hallways and rooms.

We also offer our complete line of LED Digital Time Displays which achieve their power from Ethernet. IP – PoE Network Clocks derive their power from a PoE Ethernet Switch. Typically called Ethernet Clocks, they only need an Ethernet cable to display time and operate.