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Custom Architectural Clocks & Large Outdoor Clocks

We offer an excellent selection of solar and electric building clocks. If you have an existing building clock we can easily repair or replace them. We offer both electric and solar options. By offering both power versions we are able to provide a cost effective project that will look great.

Our experienced project managers are able to work with you in a efficient manner to ensure that all the right questions are addressed and there are no surprises.

Our electric movements can be constructed to fit and wall thickness. We offer a wonderful selection of clock hands choices and dial faces. The choice is vast and complete.

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We also offer a completed line of fully assembled canister clocks.

Canister Clocks

Our canister clocks are supplied completely assembled. The sizes range from 24” to 48”. They look stunning on a building. There is something stately about one of our canister clocks on a building. They are also an excellent option for golf course clocks on the side of the clubhouse to get everyone on the golf course time.

We are able to do a mock up of our project with different options so that you can visualize how the final project will look even before it takes place.

It is a perfect way to make choice between different sizes and styles. Our graphic designer is able to capture you final project even before its installed. This gives our customers peace of mind that they have made the right choice.

Whether it is a street clock, post clock or building clock, the importance with any time piece is the time source. How will your clock keep displaying accurate time. We have optional sources ranging from GPS, LAN to Wi-Fi. All three of these time sources will provide a reliable dependable time to display.