Street Post Clocks

Street clocks bring the old world charm to a main street, courtyards or entrance ways. Admoveo Solutions clocks can be found throughout North America delivering accurate time in beautiful landmark structures.As an industry leading outdoor clock company we developed the first Solar Clock, these 100% Green carbon free timepieces are a stunning testament to our engineering. We bring the style of old world charm with the advantages of today’s technology.We can also provide many different styles to suit your project. We also provide top of the line building timepieces that are maintenance free and receive a daily time update every day via GPS satellites.

A Customized Street Clock for your city, town, university or golf course will differently make a wonderfully statement or landmark.

When deciding between a solar street clock or an electric version, you need to consider if you need dial face lighting at night or no. Our solar versions are 100% green and are available in all of our clock lines but we do not offer dial face lighting.

The Electric version is available in our genuine old world Cambridge Line and can be with or without dial face lighting.

Outdoor Post Clock

We are often asked that what is the difference between an outdoor post clock and a street clock. They can mean the same thing or they can be different.Typically, the post version covers all street clocks but can also be advertising clocks where the clock is mounted between two posts to allow for advertising or displaying information.

Custom Clocks

We can virtually make any type of outdoor time piece. We custom make both our Contemporary Line and Cambridge Line to fit your project.we also have a creative staff that can work with you to take your idea and turn it into reality.If you have an idea, we can take your concept and move your vision through a design phase. Get started today with a telephone call or please give us a call at 800-964-5749

Outdoor Building Clocks

Street or Post Clocks go by many different names. We do get requests from customers if we can build a Rolex Clock. Rolex makes golf course clocks for mainly major golf courses that repetitively host the Us Open Golf Championship and British Open Golf Championship. It is a gift to the golf club and they gain an advertisement value

Admoveo Solutions is a leading clock and communication company providing outdoor timepieces to many organizations. We offer an excellent selection of affordable custom canister clocks ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches in diameter. Our building clocks can enhance any building or building complex.

Let us provide you a free quote for your upcoming project. Give us a call today or connect with us via our contact us page.