Golf Course Clocks

Accurate, Reliable and Dependable

Golf Course

Clocks not only look great but also play a critical role in the enjoyment and satisfactions of members and quests.

Solar Post Clock

Solar Post Clock combines the old world charm of a post clock with advanced solar technology. They elegantly unite practice areas and first tee operations.

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Electric Post Clock

Electric Post Clock is perfect when placed by the club house or entrance way where electricity can be easy accessed.

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Pace of Play Clocks

Pace of Play Clocks is a golfer centric solution which improves the pace of play. They are waterproof and built to be used in all kind of weather.

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Building Clocks

Building Clocks can add a special touch to a building. We can offer a design that will look good and also display accurate, reliable dependable time for your golf operations

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Post Clock – Solar

Our advanced solar post clocks are located at golf clubs from California to Connecticut, from Michigan to Texas. These time pieces deliver Old World Charm with the reliability of advanced solar clock movement technology.

Solar Golf Clocks have the added benefit of eliminating the cost of electricity coupled with an integral GPS receiver delivering accurate time all the time.

They are ideal at golf clubs because they can be placed anywhere without the need to worry about electricity. This reduces the need to bring in heavy equipment to trench the grounds for conduit and electric cables. Even more importantly it allows golf operations to strategically place the clock at the optimal location for functionality and appearance.

With just a glance of the eye members and guests can stay on their tee schedule from the parking lot to the practice facility to the first tee. We designed the solar clock with a 24” white dial face so that not only can be see from many different advantage points but with our many design options allow it to naturally blend into the surrounding grounds.

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Custom Clocks – Designs

Our selection allow customers to select an attractive and engaging design. Your project manager will work with you personally to easily layout what your clock will look like.

Typically the process starts with the design and lettering of the top of nameplates. The nameplates are custom hand painted and can be done in basically any font and script format.

The powder coating process provides you many different color options from a Rubbed Bronze to Verdi or Forest Green to a Standard Black. We also provide extra detailing to make sure it fits exactly to your requirements.

A dedicated Project Manager will walk you through each step of the design. We believe that it is important to have clear and personal communication for clock projects, because they become a landmark at your facility. Our experience will bring forth ideas and questions you may not have considered. Your Project Manager will guarantee a successful final result.

Please Call Today 800-964-5749 and we will provide you all the information and pricing you need. Also please visit our Custom Solar Golf Clocks Design Page for more information.

Post Clock – Electric

When electricity is available and you require lighting for the dial face or for signage, the electric post clocks provide a beautiful option. We offer the most extensive lighting options in the industry.

We offer dial face lighting, nameplate lighting, memorial plate lighting and sign lighting constructed within one architecturally crafted clock.

We do provide a traditional look but with many different design options that let you tailor your clock to match the grounds and facility. Our project managers have worked with many golf clubs and are experts in bringing forth ideas to help you with the process and ensure the final result is special. To understand these options in more detail please go to our Post Clock page.

Golf Pace of Play Clocks

Friendly accurate reliable “on course” clocks are a proven customer service approach to managing and improving the pace of play on golf courses.

“Pace of play has been a major issue throughout my entire professional career. I’ve tried everything from implementing strict pace of play policies, setting the golf courses up easier, to placing a pace of play matrix on the score cards. This year we made the decision to purchase four pace of play clocks from Chomko. Placing those clocks on the golf course has improved the pace play more than anything else I’ve implemented. The golfers love them and I would highly recommend them as a tool to assist in managing the pace of play at your golf course.”

The Meadows GC – Littleton, CO

The most important aspect of a pace of play program is accurate, dependable and durable clocks. We have built a clock specially for golf clubs and the outdoor elements. We have a number of different options. We can provide the clocks only, clocks mounted on sign grade aluminum with custom lettering and A-Frame clocks.

They are waterproof and perform exceptionally well outdoors on the course. The clock movement is housed inside a waterproof plastic enclosure protecting it from dust and water, thereby ensuring a problem-free operation.

As a clock company we constructed the clock to dissipate condensation quickly thereby delivering a clear display of time in outdoor conditions.

The face has a shatter-resistant safety crystal and the dials are laminated plastic to resist warping. The frame is a durable steel case with a powder coat finish so it will look great for a long time to come.

Typically courses will place 4 to 6 clocks in their pace of play program per 18 holes. All that the golfer has to know is their tee time. The clocks on the course are adjusted (offset) to the recommend pace of play. Therefore if they are playing to the recommend pace of play their tee time will be the time they see on the pace of play clocks on the course. Please for a more detail example of the program please go to the Golf Pace of Play page.

Building Clocks

We can build a clock for any building in any weather environment and ensure that it is a reliable, dependable, maintenance free and accurate outdoor clock.

We offer custom designs and fully assembled clocks. These come in either a square or round design ranging from 18” to 72”. They are offered with and without dial face illumination. The fully assembled clocks are perfect for many applications with their easy of installation and architecturally pleasing appearance.

They are perfect for golf pro shop buildings, half way houses and club houses. Please visit our Building Clocks page for more information.