IP Speakers

The diversity IP Speakers and the installation options of school speaker systems, from aesthetics to display type, will beautifully complement the ingenuity and far-reach of  IP paging network and regular PA system.

Because paging has developed today to be easily signaled from virtually anywhere in the world, it is paramount that a speaker system has the tech to receive such far-reaching messages—and do so clearly and proficiently. With superior audio quality imbedded in every speaker we design, the most difficult portion of network configuration for the consumer will choosing which speakers they want displayed throughout their business, school, or place of commerce.

School Speakers

There is a complete range of school speaker placement and message display devices. Whether the objective is to have seamless ceiling speakers that provide no encumbrance to the space, or wall-mounted speakers that compliment a room with no removable ceiling, there will be a speaker option available for the most unique spaces.

For outdoor or large indoor spaces, the horn speakers will project announcements far and wide, leaving little possibility an intended audience should miss it. We also have found a way to cut your cost in half with speaker systems so powerful that one base speaker can power a second without out the need of a second POE cord; because the IP speaker receiving power is so much less expensive, you can fill an entire room’s sound practically for the price of one.

The hassle of installation, cords running, and soaring costs all remain tamed with this IP speaker system. And as a final aesthetic choice, the colors range most neutral options such as white, beige, or black, allowing your speaker system to fit in unobtrusively to your intended environment.

Ceiling and wall-mounted speakers have been around for some time, but we not only offer tried and true hardware; our really exciting technology includes SIP capability that a prior-synchronized Cisco phone, not just a stationary intercom, can broadcast from with any message needed. Furthermore,

Network capability extends beyond traditional speakers to include message boards, flashing lights, computer and television screens. Speakers are an obvious choice in a world of perfect hearing, but Informacast has thought ahead that not everyone experiences perfect hearing or vision, and furthermore, environmental circumstances can be enough to inhibit an urgent message from being heard.

Whether there is an urgent accident, gas leak, fire, weather, shootings, etc., pandemonium or sirens can drown out audio that may be easily seen as a light or written message, further guiding the action of its recipients. With the reliability of the IP paging and speaker ecosystems, you dutifully ensure the safety of your worker’s environment.

By anticipating all of these plausible circumstances and accommodating for them, SingleWire understands that “speakers” are really just the means to make noteworthy information reach meaningful persons. Delivering information that could potentially ease the stress of routine work day or, in worst case scenario, save a life, is a relay we don’t gamble with.

Our IP Speakers system are easy to install and can create a unified communication platform for your organization. Our speaker system can cover a small area or a large campus. The ability to zone or group both indoor and outdoor speakers makes our system the most advanced complete network based system in the Atlanta market today.

Our speaker system allows you to integrate a number of different types of communications devices. We have LED message boards, strobe lights and scheduling devices.

PoE Speakers can be combined to include PoE clocks or network clocks to provide a complete IP network based time and communication system. The advantages that these devices offer an organization or company are that they are maintenance free end points on your network.

It only requires you to connect them to your Ethernet network. Connect an Ethernet cable into the speaker or clock and our software will automatically find the devices.

There is no configuration that has to be completed for the units. They are plug and play end points, on your network. The distinct advantage that the PoE technology provides is that you do not need to have separate electric power located where you want to place the unit.

The power for the device is provided via the Ethernet cable, which in turn receives its power from the POE Ethernet Switch.

The end result is that you can place a speaker and a clock at the most optimal location. All you need is to run an Ethernet Cable to the location. No need to worry about hiring an Electrician.

School Speakers

The school paging or intercom systems we offer are full duplex, thereby ensuring intelligent conversations. Full duplex is superior over half duplex type systems. Half duplex systems only permit one person to talk at a time. The stop and wait half duplex method results in a slow, cumbersome communication process.

We have a number of school paging speaker systems with and without intercom capability. We are always available on telephone or email to discuss your needs.

We have separate desktop intercoms and speakers with built in microphones. Typically, IP speakers allow the person to be within eight feet of the speaker to talkback to the paging person.

The biggest difference between the desktop and speaker with talkback built into the speaker is that you can initiate a call from the desktop or wall mounted intercom. The microphone in the speaker is activated when an announcement is made to the speaker. It is simply talkback.

Speaker and LED Message Board

A multi function speaker, strobe light and message board offers a number of operational and emergency options. Digital Display Boards housed with the speaker allow for real time messages, pre-recorded messages and accurate dependable time to be displayed.

PoE Speakers Bandwidth Requirement