School Bell System

For many organizations, keeping a daily schedule is the basis of productivity. Having a reliable system in place to help your schedule run smoothly is a must for any organization that wishes to be as efficient as possible.

Thanks to today’s technology, there are a number of costeffective approaches that can help your organization become even more successful.Bell and buzzersystems,in particular, can add to the productivity of many types of organizations. From schools to warehousing and manufacturing environments, the automatic, programmable systems we offer provide a simple and maintenance free approach to solving all of your bell or buzzer alert problems.

Schools are one of the most common settings where bell and buzzer systems can be found. From announcing the beginning and ending of the school day, to marking the length of classes, school bells and buzzers are an integral part of the educational system. Thus, a school’s bell scheduling system needs to be both reliable and accurate.

Implementing an automatic, synchronized school bell system can take the hassle out of scheduling the school day and maintaining bell equipment. A synchronized school bell system can refer to either a physical bell system or the ability to play bell tones through a public address speaker system. Based on your school’s specific needs, Admoveo Solutions can find the right option for you.

Much like in schools, warehouses and manufacturing plants rely on bells and buzzers to keep daily operations moving. Within a warehouse or manufacturing setting, precise bell and buzzer alerts systems can help operations run more efficiently. Because scheduling the start and end of breaks and shift changes are a key element for safety and productivity, it is essential that they sound in a timely manner. With a bell or buzzer system from Admoveo Solutions, you can be sure that your organization will run like clockwork.

GPS Bell or Buzzer Alert Notification System

Our GPS based bell and buzzer alert notification systemsare an excellent option for schools that seek unmatched accuracy and consistency amongst all of their clocks. Whether you school utilizes digital or analog clocks, a GPS bell or buzzer system from Admoveo Solutions can integrate all of your timepieces.

Our GPS digital clock line provides you with the ability to connect your physical bell or buzzers to a GPS Digital Clock. This product line includes:

  • Web based scheduling of bells and buzzers
  • GPS Receiver Option to receive accurate GPS time
  • LAN Option to receive time from your Ethernet
  • Different sizes of Digital Clocks
  • Weatherproof Digital Time Display
  • Easy connection of physical sound devices

With this system, one primary GPS clock is capable of synchronizing time with other digital LED or analog clocks. GPS time is automatically received from a supplied GPS receiver, which pulls accurate time from GPS satellites and delivers it to a transmitter that will broadcast the time throughout your facility.Wireless clocks will pick up the broadcasted time on a daily basis to ensure your time is always displayed accurately.

Once installed, our GPS wireless technology will create a synchronized bell and clock system throughout your facility. This reliable network of clocks provides for precisely scheduled class changes and beginning of day and end of day bells to keep your school days flowing seamlessly.

Since their inception, wireless school clock systems have been perfected for school day operations and have gradually become the most popular choice for schools thanks to their simple installation. Wireless clock systems have eliminated the need to pull cables and also boast a long battery life of five years.

As the number one master clock system sold today, synchronized wireless clocks offer a number of advantages. In addition to scheduling bells to ring at a precise time, GPS based wireless clocks are easy to install, maintenance free, and highly reliable.

When paired with our school bell software, a GPS bell system from Admoveo Solutions can eliminate the issues that traditional school clock and bell systems create. With GPS accurate time and little to no maintenance, our school bell system is the premier option for facilities of all kinds.

School Bell Software

Broadcasting a variety of sounds at a scheduled time is easily accomplished with bell software from Admoveo Solutions. Our bell scheduling software offers total convenience in allowing you to precisely tailor your schedule to meet your daily needs. It enables individual schools and school district administrators to dictate school day schedules with bells, tones, and even music.

The software for our speakers is quite dynamic in that it can perform many functions in addition to playing scheduled bell sounds, giving you several options for your buzzer or bell alert system. Additional features include the option to deploy both indoor speakers for individual rooms and hallway speakers throughout your facility. Also available on the same system is the ability to have network outdoor speakers or a horn.

We can work with your existing speaker system or we can install newIP speakers in your facility. If you choose to have new IP speakers installed, one of our project managers will be able to identify what software solution will be the ideal fit for your school.

We can outfit your facility with either a WiFi speaker based systems or an IP – PoE speaker system. WiFi speakers are an excellent option for schools that prefer a wireless approach, whereas IP-PoE speakers are ideal for schools that would rather utilize plug and play technology. Additionally, Wifi clocks and PoE clock can be added to either system.

Whatever your preferences, Admoveo Solutions can help you find the perfect fit for your school or facility. As a time and communication company, we can ensure that we will save you time and money by guaranteeingthe proper system is installed.

If you’re ready for a complete school bell and software systemthat will make scheduling a worry-free task, get in touch with us today.

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