Master Clock Systems

We offer our customers the most effective Master Clock Systems for their particular applications.

Your particular needs and wants can be met today with a choice of systems:

Master Clock Systems have the capability of controlling bells in addition to providing accurate reliable time. These systems allow you to have a number of different types of clocks. There are several sizes of analog clocks available. They are offered in single sided wall clocks and double-sided hallway clocks.

Our systems include:

We can easily provide recommendations at different price points according to the objectives you want to obtain.

Wi-Fi Master Clock System

We offer a complete line of system clocks that will operate on a standard WiFi network. The selection includes different size options for analog and LED Digital. They are easily configured to connect to your network.

Our Wifi Digital Clocks can operate on standard 110 VAC or 24 volt power systems. Therefore, if you have an existing 24 volt system our electric clocks are a very simple replacement.

IP PoE Clocks

Our IP clocks are available for indoor and outdoor use. They are certified for outdoor applications and available with a GPS option and remote control too.

There is a large selection of LED Digital Clocks available to choose from. The choice includes single sided, double sided and with different color LED options. The double-sided LEDs provide excellent viewing for hallways. Typically these are setup in the middle of the hallway and will cover the complete hallway.

You also have a few options based on your current power situation. Electric and Battery operated clocks are available. This enables you to have a trouble free and inexpensive installation.

When choosing a Synchronized Clock System for a school, hospital or a manufacturing facility or replacing an antiquated system like a Dukane PA clock system or a Rauland wired system, it is not as difficult as one might view the task.

In many cases replacing a master system does not require a forklift replacement of the whole system. For example, if your system is controlling your physical bells and the main unit is failing there is a very good chance that all your bells are working properly and only the master system needs be replaced.

Today’s technology has made these systems easy to install and void of any yearly service contracts. Many of these systems use your existing Ethernet and Wi-Fi technology, thereby reducing the cost of installations tremendously.

We offer lifetime support and training on all the systems we provide to our customers. This gives them peace of mind that if any issue arises, it will be resolved quickly.

Another benefit of offering lifetime online training is when an organization has a change of staff they know that Admoveo Solutions will be there to help your new employees to get comfortable with the system

Wired Master Clock Systems

Wired master Clock Systems hold their own set of benefits

Many of these systems can also incorporate audio Public Address speakers combined with
LED Message Boards which will display time and messages. The display boards are available in different sizes and LED colors.

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