Digital Display Boards

Communication is a fundamental part of any organization. But, relaying messages can be a challenge when an organization is not properly equipped. Whether a message is routine or urgent, it must be clearly audible in order to ensure that the information is received by all parties, Ethernet network intercom and paging systems, or IP-PoE systems, are ideal for a number of organizations seeking to improve their communications facility wide.

IP – PoE devices are considered end point devices on your Ethernet network. They are commonly used across corporate, manufacturing, and school campuses among other locations. IP-PoE systems are a popular way to connect buildings campus wide, and provide reliable paging and intercom service.

At Admoveo Solutions, we have a variety of IP-PoE devices to fit any need. We offer everything from in ceiling speakers to individual speakers to hallway speakers. Whether you are in search of a wireless outdoor speaker system a school intercom system, a school speaker system, or a wireless public address system, our selection of speaker options allows you to find the right speakers for your facility.

Additionally, we offer models that combine speakers and digital display boards to provide a more complete communication system. The digital display boards also show accurate time and allow you to play messages instantly or schedule them to be played at a specified time.

Whether you choose to broadcast live or schedule your messages it can be handled through our software. The software is user friendly and gives you the option to play music, tones, or sounds, This is done by making a schedule of events to occur at a certain time. For example, schools can use the system for class changes, manufacturers can schedule shift changes and breaks, and businesses can schedule music to be played at certain times.

IP Intercom System

Our IP intercom system also gives you the option of broadcasting to one speaker, all speakers, or any combination of speakers. This is done by creating groups in the software which enables you to call a selected number of predetermined speakers, resulting in an effective and easy to use PA system.

This type of IP-PoE network is a popular sound system for schools especially. A school PA system that has the flexibility to broadcast to select speakers and integrate with digital display boards gives a school sound system specific advantages. In addition, the ability to schedule tones acts as a bell software that can help keep daily schedules running smoothly.

IP-PoE intercom systems are easy to maintain and simple to use, and come with free lifetime training for when there is a change in personnel. Because their electrical power can be sourced via the Ethernet (Power over Ethernet) or from standard AC power, it is easy to fit IP-PoE devices to a pre-existing Ethernet network. While this makes installation a breeze, it is important that speakers are installed in the correct location with the proper volume to ensure that the sound can reach the entire area.

When utilizing IP-PoE speakers, it is important to select the volume that is most appropriate for the environment. In order to determine the proper volume, the relationship between sound level and distance must be considered. The volume must be loud enough that it can be heard by everyone, but not so loud that it will damage anyone’s hearing. For example an outdoor emergency speaker will require a higher volume than a traditional classroom speaker because it has a wider distance to reach in a more open area.

Schools selecting speakers for a classroom should consider the level of background noise within the room. Typically, a classroom should require a single speaker, but if the students are noisy, the volume of that speaker will have to be higher or an additional speaker should be added.

Ceiling speakers are commonly used in a classroom setting. In addition to considering the level of background noise present, the height of the ceiling and size of the room should also be factored into determining volume.

It can be expected that large rooms, such as gymnasiums and auditoriums will require multiple speakers. In order to calculate the proper number of speakers a large room should have, the room dimensions should be divided by the separation of the speakers. The distance of separation between speakers can be found by determining the height of the ceiling, distance from peoples’ ears, and the speaker angle.

When selecting speakers for hallways, there are a number of options. They can be affixed to either the walls or ceiling depending on your preference. Hallway speakers can also be dual facing, meaning they will project sound in both directions from the center of the hall. This can be helpful in ensuring messages are heard during noisy class changes when hallways are bustling with students.

How to choose a School Speaker System

Choosing the right number of speakers for your school can be daunting and placing them in the optimal location can be even trickier. But, with the correct number of speakers installed in the proper locations you can transform your school’s communication system and ensure that every message is heard by everyone. Admoveo Solutions can help you with any questions you may have about installing speakers in your facility and provides unmatched customer service and maintenance assistance.

If you interested in our IP-PoE speakers or are in need of assistance in calculating the right volume and placement for your speakers, please contact us by calling 800-964-5749 or if you need an estimate please click the quote button.