#1 Ethernet Clocks for accurate reliable synchronized time available in both LED Digitals and Analog options.

These network time pieces are an excellent choice for your master clock system, allowing you to use your existing Ethernet to have maintenance free accurate time. They automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

LED Digital Clocks

We have offer a number of different LED Digital Clock Styles. If you are looking for a synchronized digital display Network clocks or IP – PoE clocks offer you a nice benefit in the fact that they get their power from the Ethernet.

You do not need to worry about having AC power where you want to place the clock. The power will be delivered by the Ethernet cable that connects the clock to your network, that is the beauty of IP clocks.

Digital Time Displays are perfect for so many occasions. We offer a number of styles to make sure you get the ideal display that will fit your organization.

The clarity of the time display and the option of the 6 digits; Hours, Minutes and seconds or 4 digits; Hours and Minutes give you the time display of your choice.

The LED Digitals also have the option on the size of the display digits. Ranging from a comfortable digit size of 2.5 inches to a large LED Digital display of 4 inches.

Analog Network Clocks

The advantage of the a PoE Analog Clock is that you do not need to worry about changing batteries because the power is supplied over the Ethernet.

Ethernet Analog Synchronized Clocks allow you to custom logo the dial face and come in different dial face sizes to make sure you have excellent viewing.

Here are some of the choices you have:

LED Digital 2.5” 4 Digit

LED Digital 4” 4 Digit

LED Digital 2.5” 6 Digit

LED Digital 4” 6 Digit

13” Analog Black ABS

16” Analog Black ABS

13” Analog – Brushed Aluminum

12” Analog Wood

15” Analog Wood

A valuable option for the analog clocks for so many customers is the ability to put their organization’s logo on the dial face. We can custom make the analog clocks so that the dial face jumps with your logo.

If you want to consider other types of clocks for your facility please call us at 800-964-5749 and we can easily and quickly go over your options.

We have alternatives if the having a network cable to the clock is an issue. Our Wi-Fi clocks are an excellent alternative as is our wireless clocks. We also offer countdown timers.

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