Emergency Outdoor Speakers System

The most important aspect of an on-premise critical communications is the outdoor areas. It has been determined that when an emergency or critical situation occurs within a facility the best action that can be taken is to leave the situation.

This involves leaving not only the building but fleeing the premises. If a situation is occurring inside a building it is important for them not only to leave the building but to also leave the premises and not just go outside the building.

The solution is to provide an outdoor horn type solution that is integrated with the internal public address system. An integrated system with outdoor speakers will provide the necessary information that people need and want during an emergency.

It is the one consistent element of a critical time and emergency communications. People want information and direction on what to do. It is the responsibility of the organization to provide this information.

At Admoveo Solutions we provide cost effective methods to that gives an organization the peace of mind that they have the communications systems in place to ensure the safety of employees, staff, students and visitors.

We tailor our solutions to your organization. We use your existing computer networks; Ethernet and Wi-Fi to provide a highly effective and maintenance free system.

Our solutions also allow you to use this as a standard intercom system for day to day normal communications.
The flexibility of the system provides a number of options from live broadcast to pre-recorded messages to a variety of tones and music.

The Network based outdoor speakers are easily accessible via smartphone, laptop and desktop computers.

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