Golf Pace of Play Clocks

“Pace of play has been a major issue throughout my entire professional career. I’ve tried everything from implementing strict pace of play policies, setting the golf courses up easier, to placing a pace of play matrix on the score cards. This year we made the decision to purchase four pace of play clocks. Placing those clocks on the golf course has improved the pace of play more than anything else I’ve implemented. The golfers love them and I would highly recommend them as a tool to assist in managing the pace of play at your golf course.”
-The Meadows GC – Littleton, CO

Golf Slow Play Solution

Pace of Play Clocks need to be built for the outdoors to deliver flawless accuracy. When they are accurate they will be trusted by the golfers as a reliable and dependable display of their pace of play. These clocks are built for these applications:

  • Waterproof Movement Delivers Accurate and Dependable Time
  • Steel Casing with Powder Coating finish Ensures Longevity
  • Outdoor Design Removes Condensation Quickly for Clear Viewing

A valuable Golf Pace of Play program is built on accurate, reliable clocks that have been constructed for outdoor conditions.

If the clocks are not built in this manner, the clocks will be become inaccurate and unreliable, rendering your the program ineffective.

We built this clock specially for the golf industry, this approach to golf slow play is highly effective.

Golf Shot Clock

All the entertainment value of golf is lost when there is excess waiting. You can see the dissatisfaction on players’ faces when they are waiting on every hole to play golf.

Most sports have a game clock. Golf is a self managed sport, no referees, clocks are a perfect fit to a self managed sport like Golf.

With a glance of the eye golfers are able to keep Pace throughout 18 holes of golf without being told by a ranger to speed it up. Great for Customer Service!

Golfers appreciate when course management is proactive in addressing golf’s #1 problem: Slow Play.

EARN repeat business by managing your Pace of Play!

How the Golf Pace of Play Clock Program Works

Once the golfer knows his tee time and the course management has set the course speed, the program works flawlessly.

The course management sets the pace of play by adjusting or off-setting the “on-course” clocks. The offset of time matches the managements desired speed.

Course management decides where it is best to place the clocks on the course, and offsets the individual clocks to display the course’s desired pace of play.

For example, management wants a “pace” that would have a group arrive at the 4th tee 50 minutes after they tee off.

The 4th tee clock is offset by 50 minutes (this clock would be 50 minutes behind the actual time). Therefore, if a foursome teeing off at 9:00 AM is maintaining their speed of play, when they arrive at the 4th tee in 50 minutes the clock will show 9:00 AM.

If they are falling behind by 10 minutes, the clock will show 9:10 AM and with a glance of the eye they will know that they need to speed up.

It is so simple it is brilliant! No more complicated than any other sport clock.

The Power and Value of the Golf Pace of Play Clocks is when a foursome starts to fall behind. When they see the clock and it displays a time later than their tee time they know they need to move a bit faster.

A Friendly Customer Service Approach is what this solution provides. Instead of putting one member of a foursome in the difficult position of telling another member to speed it up or a course ranger telling the group to speed it up, the Golf Pace of Play Clocks becomes the reference. It is the game clock, it’s what maintains the pace just like in basketball, football, hockey, etc…

Our Recommendation is 4-6 clocks per 18 holes to maintain the desired pace (for example at tee box 1,4, 7, 12 and 15). You can determine the best placement and time offset for your course based on your desired speed.

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A-Frame Golf Clocks

The A-Frame golf clocks we provide our customers enable them to withstand strong winds. We use from 1/2” Medium Density Overlay which is a water seal laminate that is used widely in the sign industry. It provides the right amount of weight for a sturdy foundation.

We put a metal trim on the leg portion so that they maintain their strength and look great for years to come. The front panel is 36”” tall and 24” wide with the clock placed at the optimal viewing angle.

Desired for easy placement and mobility.

The clock is also built to display accurate time in the weather conditions of the outdoors.

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