Manufacturing Alert Bell Buzzer

In warehousing and manufacturing settings, having the ability to schedule alerts and have them sound off on scheduled times is essential. With a manufacturing alert bell buzzer system from Admoveo Solutions, you have the power to initiate a physical bell or play a variety of tones and or pre-recorded messages with total accuracy and reliability.

From the factory floor to the warehouse, organizing tasks, breaks and other operational aspects with the sound of a horn, buzzer, or even voice, has never been easier.

Our manufacturing alert bell buzzer systems provide you with the ability to control physical bells, buzzers or any type of sounding device you require for your alert systems. Admoveo Solutions also offers speaker tone systems that provide exciting options for any audio needs you may have.

Speaker Tone System

At Admoveo Solutions, we understand that every client is different, and may require a number of specialized solutions. In pursuit of solving every one of your needs, we offer a variety of tone options that can be tailored to you. Whether you are in search of tones, music, or prerecorded messages to be played at a scheduled time over speakers, we have the right solution for you.

For your convenience, we offer two different types of speaker systems: IP – PoE network speaker systems and Wi-Fi speaker systems. Both our IP – PoE speaker system and our Wi-Fi speaker system can deliver a variety of tones and sounds to speakers inside and outside your plant, and can cover a small area or a large campus.

IP – PoE network speakers allow you to use your existing Ethernet network and can be controlled from multiple PCs within a network. Because IP – PoE network speakers only require you to connect them to your Ethernet network, there is absolutely no configuration required for the units. IP – PoE speakers are known as plug and play end points, meaning that connecting an Ethernet cable into the speaker or clock will automatically allow our software to find your device.

IP – PoE Speakers can be combined to include PoE clocks or network clocks to provide a complete IP network based time and communication system. Utilizing these devices offers an organization many advantages. In addition to being maintenance free end points on your network, audio does not use a lot of network bandwidth, so it won’t slow down your other operations.

The PoE technology also provides a distinct advantage in that you do not need to have separate electric power located where you want to place the unit. Power for the device is provided via the Ethernet cable, which in turn receives its power from the POE Ethernet Switch. Ultimately, you can locate a speaker and a clock anywhere you can run an Ethernet Cable, resulting in optimal placement all across your facility.

Much like our IP-PoE system, our Wi-Fi speakers are designed for ease of use. Because Wi-Fi speakers operate on your wireless computer system, they can be controlled by any authorized PC.

For many organizations including schools and manufacturing warehouses alike, Wi-Fi speakers are a popular solution. This is in large part due to their low level of required maintenance and user-friendly nature.

Physical Bell Alert System

Whether your organization is in need of a wireless or network based system, Admoveo Solutions can provide you with a physical bell alert system that you can count on.

The IP-PoE speaker system is a complete system offering a choice of end point devices: speakers, panic buttons, LED Digital Clocks, Analog Clocks and a Bell Controller. We offer a network-based controller that is connected to your network with an Ethernet cable to receive its time and control from the bell controller software. The physical buzzers are wired to the controller.

The wireless speaker system receives its time from a time transmitter operating on a licensed UHF 467 frequency. The system allows you to connect physical bells to a controller. The controller will receive GPS accurate time from the transmitter and turn the physical bells on and off at the scheduled time, getting the factory bells running on the factory schedule.

Both systems are easy to install and are maintenance free. Additionally, you can add Wifi Clocks or Ethernet Network clocks to provide your facility with complete bell and clock synchronization.

Bell Controller Software

Our bell controller software is simple to set up and maintain. It allows you to configure settings, create events, and customize schedules all from your own PC. Admoveo Solutions guarantees accuracy and consistency from our bell controller software for both physical bells and buzzers.

Configuring Settings

Beginning with your administrative settings, you can set the time zone and time base that are most appropriate for you as well as select the time source and time server of your choice. You may also write a device description that will serve as a reminder of your device location and configuration for future reference.

Creating Events

Within the bell controller software, creating an event is a simple as entering information into the following fields: Event Name, Event Type, Start Time, Duration, Days, and Activated Circuits. Once all of your information is entered, your new event will be created and can be added to your schedules.

Customizing Schedules

Scheduling is also easy to do within the bell controller software. The software allows you to customize schedules by pulling from your existing events. You can create up to 20 different schedules that can be activated whenever necessary. When you activate a schedule in the controller software, you can be sure that it will adhere to your designated settings and preferences every day, to keep your facility running the way it should.